Hello and thank you for visiting my site. RaftPhoto.net is a one man operation. I have been photographing whitewater rafting on the American River for 33 years. I kayak down the river and shoot multiple locations--you never know where I will be. If I don't respond to emails right away it is probably because I am on the river six days a week right now. Thanks again for stopping by. Shoot me a note if you have any questions. I hope you enjoy my work.

How To Find Your Photos

Photos are usually uploaded by 8 to 10pm the day of the trip.
Click the FIND YOUR PHOTOS button to go to OneDrive and navigate the file tree to find your photos.
The proof photos on OneDrive are low resolution small and watermarked. The original files will have no watermark.


  1. All Photos Multiple Locations...........$89

  2. All Photos 1 Location........................$59

  3. Single Photo......................................$39

  4. 1 Person Crafts ...........1 Location....$19 Kayaks, IK's, SUP, River Boards, Floaty Toys, etc...

  5. Custom Photo Boating Package--kayaking along with one trip shooting multiple locations--typically five or six. A mix of action, close up candids, flat water, swimming, jumping and scenics. $20 to $40 per person depending on size of group and length/section of river. Example: one boat with six people at $20 per person would be $120 for all the pictures of that boat. I do not sell single pictures when I dedicate my day to shooting one trip.

How To Order Photos

Please fill out and submit the form below or contact me directly via email. Specify the trip date and which package (1-2-3-4) you would like to order along with:To help me find your photos:
1 - Most importantly--one file number (starting with KBR0----) from any image of your boat.
2 - The company you rafted with and your guide's name (if you remember).
I will respond to confirm order and $ amount along with payment options.
After payment is received I upload and send you a link to the original full size files without the watermarks--usually within 2 or 3 days.